What Is the Best Time to Visit Cambria?

If you are planning to go on vacation in Cambria, California, there are certain things that you should consider, such as the type of activities that you will be doing and the seasons of the year. This will indeed help you plan on what to wear, the best places to visit and whether to engage in outdoor or indoor activities. Hence, the best time to visit all depends on the purpose of your visit.


In summer, Cambria experiences low rainfall and the temperatures are warm. If you enjoy garden tours, hiking, swimming, or bike riding, then summer is the time to visit Cambria. The weather at this time is perfect for outdoor activities, so you will need to pack the right gear that makes your visit even more enjoyable.


During spring, Cambria experiences less rainfall and a little sunshine, especially in the afternoon. Garden tours in the late afternoons are great for outdoor lovers. You can also watch grey whales off the coast as they complete their migration which is a feast for the eye. Besides that, you can also visit the Hearst Castle and go on a garden tour to see the beautiful flora around the castle.


The temperatures are low during this season but gradually changes in the month of October, becoming warmer. Cambria boasts Teutonic food, beer drinking and traditional dances that you can enjoy and participate in during the German themed Oktoberfest. You can also watch Monarch butterflies that gather and prepare to migrate as the year comes to its tail end.


This season is characterized by low temperatures and lots of heavy rainfall. Gray whales begin to migrate to the south, off the Cambria coast, providing a spectacular view. You can also enjoy watching the Elephant seals mating on the Cambria beaches from December to January.